Tiferet Lifshitz is an artistic photographer as well as a designer in the expertise of home – styling. She is a graduate of interior design at Shankar, in Tel Aviv.
In addition, she finished her studies in photography at the school of photography, Camera Obscure. She has worked many years freelancing and photographing special events. These are all very advantageous to her accuracy in design and photography of designer objects for architects.
Tiferet developed a field which focuses and integrates home styling design and personal taste. Tiferet’s multi-disciplinary abilities, which embrace aesthetics, art and design, constitute a rich and wide range of tools. These tools allow her to be creative, as well as relish on her renovative and creative ideas through the use of home styling. At the same time, she displays an extraordinary sensitivity for her personal and physical surroundings. Tiferet presents herself as a designer of small space styling, which means an area between large spaces. She claims that the personality of a person is seen through the small details of his surroundings and the way this person chooses to fill in these spaces. She reinforces the idea to consumers that even if they are not intending to sell their homes, they are able to upgrade it and change it into a nicer and more comfortable place to live in.
Tiferet’s studio advises and provides a variety of services to private clients and merchants. Moreover, it gives professional advice to every aspect connected to the makeover of the house, office or business. We are aided by professional teams from the different areas of the design field including engineers, architects and interior designers. Everyone is in cooperation with the studio and gives design solutions to different areas such as: carpentry, electricity, color scheme and more. The staff is proficient, skilled and responsible. We are sure to accompany you with professionalism that will allow you to refurbish your surroundings, to your personal tastes, while listening to your needs and your financial options.